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San Diego convention Center, CA
March 4-8, 2018

Come see us at the Exhibit Hall in Booth 1047 !

Steffan Magnusson (Sweden) "Healthy Firefighters - Improving the work Environment of Firefighers";Lars Axelsson (Sweden) "Fire Behavior in Larger Structures"; Graham Ellis (England) "Tragedy in London: Lessons Learned from the Grenfell Tower Fire; Interoperability for High Threat Challenges; Lessons learned from London Terror Attacks"; check our video below for all international speakers at FireHouseWorld.


Fire Fact

Wax like most organic materials including wood and gasoline contains hydrogen which bonds with oxygen to make H2O when it burns. Water comes out your cars tailpipe too. DISCOVER

Fire Fact

The Black Dragon Fire of 1987 the largest wildfire in modern times burned some 20 million acres across China and the Soviet Union an area about the size of South Carolina. DISCOVERY

Multi Alarm Fire in an Apartment Complex

IL - Chicago firefighters are working a fire in the 4300 block of S King Dr in a four story townhouse. Heavy fire through the roof. Mayday called.


FireHouse World International Speakers continued: Stefan Svensson (Sweden) "Research Benefiting the Fire Service"; Art Arnalich (Switzerland) "3T Tools. Techniques and Tactics - Smarter Firefighting by Combining Existing Practices and Research Findings"; John McDonough (Australia) "Non-Negotiables: How to be the Firefighter You Want to Show up at Your House; How Water Extinguishes: Can We Be Both Effective and Efficient ?"; Les Karpluk (canada) "Being a Leader or Being a Bystander ? What You Don't Know Can Hurt You as a Leader"; Jennifer Keir (Canada) "Singeing Risk: A Scientific Approach to Reducing Firefighters' Toxic Exposure".

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Our mission is to provide protection and peace of mind for the people who serve our communities. We provide special benefits tailored to the unique needs of firefighters.

When being first on the scene is a job requirement, you don't have time to worry about your auto and home insurance. Let us answer the call when it comes to protecting what matters to you.

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MESSAGINGnow available on

Fire Rescue TV is by far the greatest invention in the training for fire fighters today. Their daily videos bring all firefighters together to not only learn but to be together. The training videos are top notch and very interesting. The message board feature really makes communication in a volunteer department easy, by being able to text, email, and post a message from any where with phone service. 5 stars and two thumbs up is an understatement!!!!

Captain Leo Morolla,
Little Ferry Hose Company #1



The World's Only Fold Up Door Chock was originally designed by a firefighter for emergency services.

Fat Ivan® provides vital for many fields including Fire, Police, Commercial, Residential, Hotel/Motel and all deliveries. The easy one-handed operation opens quickly for insertion and never slips off hinge, guaranteed. Just place Fat Ivan® on any hinge, top, middle or bottom; then let it go and walk right through.

Fat Ivan® folds up quickly and stores in any space. you can also attach it to any metal surface with embedded magnets. The tape is REFLECTIVE and can easily be seen in a smoky environment when hit with a light.

SAFE, DURABLE AND RELIABLE, Fat Ivan® is convenient for everyone !

FRTV is an Interactive Digital Platform in Fire and EMS stations

We offer a unique advertising opportunity tp your company to tell your story of how your product or service works. FRTV delivers to your message to firefighters 24/7 across the US and Canada. We show product video demonstrations, 60 seconds commercials and 30 second banner ads around the clock on FRTV screens which are installed directly in the stations where firefighters work and train every day.