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FireRescueTV Features

To Our New Subscribers
Digital signage is the latest and most effective way to send messages, provide a constant stream of training content and fire related news to your firefighters and fire staff and maintain situational awareness.
FireRescueTV will provide a media player as part of the package that is simply a 'plug and play' system. Connect your media player to the internet and within minutes, you are receiving breaking news, Active 911 CAD feed, NOAA weather alerts and messages from your fire chief.
FireRescueTV is NOT a Dashboard. It is an interactive digital signage, training and communications platform. We will not charge software or license fees. We not charge you for adding additional screens to your media player.
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FireRescueTV Daily Programming

FireRescueTV offers 24 hour content broadcast displayed in four zones: VIDEO ZONE, MESSAGING ZONE, BREAKING NEWS SCROLL AND TRAINING ON DEMAND ZONES.

The following categories are featured in the VIDEO ZONE:

• HEALTH: Cancer, Hazardous Materials, Radiation, Safety, CDC and EMS
• TRAINING: Aircraft Rescue, Fire Ground, USFA, NFA, NIST, MSA, CDC and other
• WEATHER: Alerts, Current Local Conditions, Week Forecast, Local and National Radar Image and Loop, Fire Danger, Snow, Wind, Hurricane
• INFORMATION: FEMA, Fire History, Fire Departments and Fire facts, Nutrition

FireRescueTV Video Zone 24-Hour Content Distribution Chart

FireRescueTV Video Content Distribution

FireRescueTV has a comprehensive message platform. Your emails are rolling in by the dozens and require members to sit down and log in. Instead, why not simply post your messages on the FireRescueTV screen in the station that is always on. Recently added to this zone are Active 911 CAD Feeds - active 911 messages displayed in real time on Fire Rescue TV screens.

Message Zone 24-hour template air time chart

FireRescueTV Message Zone Template Air Time

FireRescueTV offers a safe and confidential means for station Captains to provide information on a section of the screen to the First Responders. Notices of meetings, personnel requirements, training sessions, etc. can be shown on the monitor as the department heads require. Messages can be sent from a smartphone, tablet or computer, showing up on the screen within a few minutes after being sent. Because of the station life mentioned above, the “screen” becomes focal point for the First Responders creating a need to check the monitor.

The message headline can be custom created such as, Units Out of Service, Upcoming Events, Meetings, Training Dates, Hydrants Out of Service, Road Closures, Overtime Slots, Safety Information and more.

Local NOAA Weather & Alerts
Fire Rescue TV (FRTV) is pleased to be a NOAA Weather Ambassador. Thanks to NOAA work efforts and collaboration with Mr. Douglas Hilderbrand and Corey Pieper, FRTV has been able to provide weather updates and weather alerts to first responders. FRTV is currently providing NOAA weather information in 25 different states and expects to have 50 state- coverage within the next year. FRTV broadcasts NOAA weather information directly into fire stations on a 24x7 basis.
When firefighters report for duty, weather conditions always play a vital role to what they will be subjected to for that shift and prepare accordingly. In the summer this may mean slowing down and keeping hydrated. Company officers and chief officers should never forget responsibilities to the firefighters under their command and to remain vigilant for their well-being at all times. Additionally it is the duty of every fire department to prepare their firefighters for extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes, blizzards, and hurricanes, by adhering to specific standard operating procedures. The weather will always be a factor when making decisions at fires or emergencies whether tactically or operationally, and most importantly for the well-being of our firefighters.

Battalion Chief John Sturdee (Fairfield, CA) writes the following, “I wanted to thank-you for putting the local weather for Fairfield on our Fire Rescue TV. As you know, here in California, our weather greatly effects fire behavior during the summer months. It is critical that we have updated and accurate daily weather forecast.”

Local Radar Loop Displayed in the Message Zone

FireRescueTV Radar Loop

FRTV is pleased to be Weather Ambassador for NOAA.

Informing first responders with critical weather information is in the best interest of the community and general public.

Screenshot local weather alerts

Breaking Fire / EMS News Crawl
Fire Rescue TV brings you the latest from around the world, covering breaking firefighter news concerning activities, products, grants, governmental action, new and updated technology.
News Broadcast
FireRescueTV is preparing to launch the first fire/EMS based news broadcast featuring a look at what is happening across the county. We have already trademarked, First Due to the News. Our virtual news desk will look professional and deliver all the breaking fire and EMS news that you are missing on a daily basis.
US Flag Status
The flag, when flown at half-staff, should be first hoisted to the peak for an instant and then lowered to the half-staff position. The flag should be again raised to the peak before it is lowered for the day.
Days the American flag should be flown at half-staff: • May 15th - Peace Officers Memorial Day • Last Monday in May – Memorial Day (half-staff until noon only, then raise to the top of the staff) • July 27th – Korean War Veterans Armistice Day • September 11th – Patriot Day • December 7th – Pearl Harbor Day
By order of the President, the flag shall be flown at half-staff upon the death of principal figures of the United States Government and the Governor of the State, territory or possession, as a mark of respect to their memory.
FRTV makes this easy for you, by displaying the daily flag position on our screen
New Product Information
Live and recorded video and video ads increasingly dominates broadcasts. According to a recent CISCO forecast, 82% of all data consumer traffic by 2018 will be video. Fire Rescue TV researches new products strictly related to it’s mission - to support first responders and save lives. New product information is presented in the form of product images, product videos and product training videos, and is included in both daily and on demand programming. As a production house, Fire Rescue TV takes a broader approach in product presentation, it introduces the people behind the product and the making of the product.
Fire Station Personalization
The top right corner of Fire Rescue TV programming layout is reserved for a Station badge and contact information.
FireRescueTV Training On Demand

FireRescueTV OnDemand Zone Videos by Category

FireRescueTV On Demand Videos By Category

FireRescueTV offers an easy to access video library of over 300 fire/EMS training videos grouped in 18 categories. These content-based training videos are available to augment your daily drills. FireRescueTV is working towards replacing, or substituting the drive-to lecture training that all firefighters are doing now with digital signage in-station lectures. FireRescueTV is developing content and relative based lectures and placing them in the on-demand library.

Take your training at your schedule, at your pace, at the comfort of your station. Take advantage of this flexible skills sharpening program.

Private Training On Demand Server
A private media server for streaming dedicated content is offered to customers for their own libraries. The server is build out and hosted by Fire Rescue TV on a private cloud powered by Satellite Communication Systems Inc. Please contact us for platform requirements and pricing.

Mass Texting & Email Software
Congratulations on your purchase of Fire Rescue TV screen. We are first to market with our multi-level messaging system. FRTV provides our customers with a training package that encompasses the various aspects of the FRTV Messaging System, including:
• Creating In-station messages with support for 8 templates, important message override, active 911 feed and a local radar loop override • Adding and maintaining contact information for station personnel and volunteers • Text and Email communication to station personnel and volunteers • Reports on which training videos have been watched • Adding mobile users, viewing their status and sending an alert message
As new software enhancements are released, you will be notified via email and emailed a new training package with new features outlined.

FireRescueTV Communications Module Login Screen

MyFRTV Phone App
Now you can post and check member status availability through Fire Rescue TV mobile app available for Apple and Android devices. The mobile application provides access to Station Messages from the FRTV player; a GPS Map which displays current location and 'Upcoming Event' location; contains important list of contacts; displays FRTV headlines and breaking news feed! Click here to print a brochure.
Entertaining Programs
In addition to offering training, communication, weather, news, and advertising, FRTV provides balanced programming. This includes videos of fitness training, firehouse cooking, fire history, etc.
How Much Does it Cost?
FireRescueTV has created a simple turn-key package that will not over burden fire and EMS budgets. Our equipment package includes: a media player, FireRescueTV software, a touch-pad (mouse), cables and a 43 inch display screen for a one-time fee of $1495.00 per site. There is a monthly service fee for each site of only $24.99. Click here for more pricing information.