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FireRescueTV Pricing

Purchase a package now and get 2018 subscription for free (*) !
(*) With this offer the package total is: $2,245.00 per station. Includes one time equipment purchase as outlined below in the amount of $1,495.00 and a 3 year service delivery agreement as low as $24.99/month with 6 months free. Add-ons are recommended but optional for this offer ! Offer valid until July31'2018. For more information, please send us an email sales@firerescuetv.com


42" TV - 1080p, HDMI, table top mount
FRTV configured media player
Touchpad browser cat, cables and remote
Note: you can use your own TV screen, please call us to verify compatibility. Without the TV screen, the price will be $1,170.00.


(*) Equipment one time charge. Standard one-year warranty and free maintenance for the duration of the service agreement is included.

subscription Features

24-hour video content broadcast selected for first responders to include health and safety, CDC and EMS information, Training USFA, NFA, NIST, MSA CDC, FEMA; local weather radar, alerts and forecast, new product presentations, various information such as fire facts, fire history and fire departments and shows. Follow this link for more details FRTV Features.
Comprehensive In-station messaging platform. Includes total of 8 templates for posting messages. Ability to modifying template headers and overwrite messages with local radar or an important message. Recently added are Active 911 CAD feeds.
Mass texting and email notifications. Add and maintain your own contacts, add groups, send SMS and emails.
Comprehensive local and national weather, includes local radar, local alerts, current conditions, forecast.
Fire and EMS breaking news crawl. Line of duty death notifications.
Fire and EMS training videos on demand. Monthly on demand reports.
Access to MyFRTV Basic mobile app.


(*) Subscription cost per month with a 3 year service agreement guaranteed pricing.


Access to MyFRTV enhanced mobile app
Manage members and volunteers - up to 30.
Send alerts to mobile members and volunteers with location details and route.
View members and volunteers team status, view who has responded by alert and location.
Receive station messages on mobile app.
Receive FRTV breaking news on mobile app.


(*) Add-on subscription cost per month with a 3 year service agreement guaranteed pricing.

Required minimum of 10 fire stations. Please call us or send us an email for pricing. sales@firerescuetv.com