Our Founders

Martin Grube

Martin Grube is a retired member of the Virginia Beach Fire Department with 34 years of service. He has abundant experience in fire rescue and fire education fields. Martin was a master firefighter EMT, fire inspector/ fire marshal, as well as a fire instructor. He is a former FEMA photographer and published author of two history books. Martin's inspiration for Fire Rescue TV began after September 11, 2001. He observed the need for continual training and communication in the event of a major incident and wanted to make a difference. His vision for Fire Rescue TV is to support First Responders by providing innovative training techniques, improving in- station communication and delivering efficient and timely news. Martin believes that it is important for First Responders to be highly educated about public safety and the newest products.

Contact him at Martin@firerescuetv.com.

Ernie Hux

Ernie Hux is the President of Satellite Communication Systems Inc. (SCSI), an international telecommunications carrier that transmits voice, data and Internet around the world via satellite. Ernie has successfully provided oversight on design and integration of software for commercial and residential services for 31 years while working at SCSI. This includes responsibility for costing projects, profit and losses, network .roll-out. and product innovation. Ernie formed Fire Rescue TV with Martin Grube in 2009 with the belief that first responders can obtain training, communications, news and product updates in a private network at affordable costs. SCSI presently provides network and administrative staff for Fire Rescue TV, as well as funding to operate it.

Contact him at Ernie@sat-tel.com