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What is Fire Rescue TV?

Fire Rescue TV (FRTV) is a twenty-four hour private digital signage network available to fire stations, EMS stations, hospitals, and other training centers within the United States and Canada. The package includes a 42", HD, HDMI, 1080p flat screen TV, Media player, Touchpad Browser and HDMI/Ethernet cables. The station provides high speed Internet and power at the site and is responsible for the installation.

Fire Rescue TV facilitates fire service efficiency and communication. The monitor displays four different zones that include Video content and product information, In-station messaging, Breaking News, and the newest component, Training-on-Demand.

Video content consists of training videos, new products on the market, safety messages, fire house cooking, historical documentaries and more.

In-station Messaging provides a medium for fire chiefs to post information regarding "Units Out of Service," "Members Needed," "Special Events" and "General Information" on the 42" flat screens from any computer, smartphone, or web enabled device. Messages can also be sent to firefighters cell phone and email addresses, as well. This is an instant way to deliver essential information to a single station or an entire department.

The Breaking News segment is updated constantly with scrolling news concerning fires and rescues, Line of Duty Deaths, national events and historical fires.

With Training-On-Demand, fire and EMS stations now have the ability to exit our regularly scheduled programming and select Training videos from our library. There are a variety of categories including Haz Mat, Traffic Safety, Health, Transportation, Active Shooter, Fitness and EMS.

The Advertising zone is a scrolling banner purchased by outside manufacturers.

FRTV was designed to provide First Responders with training and news that could save their life on the job. It supplies a feed of significant content and reduces the need for fire stations to travel to other locations for training.

Call (757.687.8796) or Contact Us (Website) to schedule a Skype presentation to see what Fire Rescue TV can do for your department.